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Since 1995 CSI has been working in Sudan, providing humanitarian aid to people of all faiths who are victims of war and persecution.

CSI frees slaves, feeds the hungry, and provides medical support to the sick.

Did you know?

The price for the freedom of a slave is usually around $50.00.

It takes $50.00 to buy a vaccine for a cow, which is usually what a slave owner will take for the release of a slave.

Rev. Heidi McGinness

Since 2004, Pastor Heidi has worked with CSI teams in Sudan. She has been personally present to document the liberation of over 1,605 men, women and children from slavery, delivering tons of medicine and grain, thousands of survival kits, spiritual support and hope.

A Message from Becca

Becca Bretz

Over four years ago, I had a vision to help the people of Sudan. At the age of 15 I put together the First Annual Sudan Freedom Walk and with the support of my community freed over 140 slaves. To date, support of four annual walks and online donations have freed over 1,000 people, something I never thought possible.

I have learned so much from this experience about the world, people, and myself and doing this work has truly been the greatest joy of my life thus far. I am in college now at DePaul University in Chicago studying Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies, hoping to continue doing social justice work like this long term.


Over the course of our fundraisers it has been surprising to me that almost every year over half of our donations come from people who never attended the physical event. With this knowledge, and the fact that my move has spread my circle of friends across the country, my team and I have made the decision to try something new this year; an Online Sudan Freedom Pledge Drive.


Our new idea for a “walk online” will be an amazing way to equally include people all over the country who feel called to contribute to this cause. We felt that with the growing use of technology we could possibly receive even more donations and extend our community of activists. With your help we will spread the word to keeping giving until each one is free!