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A Message from Becca

This year is the seventh year my team and I have been organizing to make the Free For Fifty Fundraiser happen. At the age of 14 I put together the first Sudan Freedom Walk, after learning about the situation in Sudan in 8th grade history class.
That first year we freed 140 slaves and now, to date, we have freed over 1,600, with YOUR support.
I am now in college in Chicago, which is why we have shifted our fundraiser to an online pledge drive, but doing this every year continues to be an important part of my life.
The situation in Sudan is at a dire point and the slaves in the North must not be forgotten. ChristianSolidarity International, our mother organization, and Free For Fifty are doing everything we can to continue freeing people and returning them back to the South. We are also providing additional support amidst the famine.
Political pressure has not worked over the years so we continue to organize because THIS is our only vehicle for change and we must continue to fight for freedom!
Your continued support means the world to me. Until each human being is free.
With hope,