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Since 1995 CSI has been working in Sudan, providing humanitarian aid to people of all faiths who are victims of war and persecution.

CSI frees slaves, feeds the hungry, and provides medical support to the sick.

Did you know?

The price for the freedom of a slave is usually around $50.00.

It takes $50.00 to buy a vaccine for a cow, which is usually what a slave owner will take for the release of a slave.

Rev. Heidi McGinness

Since 2004, Pastor Heidi has worked with CSI teams in Sudan. She has been personally present to document the liberation of over 1,605 men, women and children from slavery, delivering tons of medicine and grain, thousands of survival kits, spiritual support and hope.

A Message from Becca

This year is the seventh year my team and I have been organizing to make the Free For Fifty Fundraiser happen. At the age of 14 I put together the first Sudan Freedom Walk, after learning about the situation in Sudan in 8th grade history class.
That first year we freed 140 slaves and now, to date, we have freed over 1,600, with YOUR support.
I am now in college in Chicago, which is why we have shifted our fundraiser to an online pledge drive, but doing this every year continues to be an important part of my life.
The situation in Sudan is at a dire point and the slaves in the North